what remains

Ashes set into the sea

in an orange salt urn

glowing blue on the way down

Instead of a child

frolicking in the surf.

Do you see, friend?

Whatever I ask of you

will never be as great

as what was taken from me.

During our recent trip to Kauai, I had one of those stay-in-bed-and-cry days. I was supposed to go snorkeling with Bill and Talia, but the grief had other ideas. I eventually got myself to the beach to just sit and watch the ocean where I wrote this very short poem. I was thinking about how grief affects not just those who feel it, but how those around them must make adjustments (with or without understanding), and how isolating it can be to have a wound so deep and so agonizing, and yet invisible at the same time.

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  1. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Yes grieving does not only affect the one who grieves but the beloved ones too. It’s a very complicated and ugly beast Emma but Izzy would want to see you embrace life I think, from what you shared with us…

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  2. JR says:

    I think she would too, but sometimes it’s physically not possible. ❤


  3. Lisa McGuire says:

    Such a beautiful and poignant post. Izzy is forever young! 🦋

    Love and hugs,
    Lisa McGuire 💗


  4. Madonna Blackburn says:

    I do believe that some of us get ‘asked’ for way too much. I suppose all you can do is wake up every morning & just deal with the day as best you can in whatever capacity that may be. It’s a difficult path, is grief. It isn’t meant to be an easy road unfortunately.
    I think as long as you are aware of the journey your family is taking & ensuring their needs relating to their own grief are met also, you will get through the fog of despair. Your loss, and your family’s loss is not something you will ever get over. Your own self-awareness, self-love and the love of Isabel that still fills your heart will eventually lead you to a place in your life that you can live an altered, yet nonetheless meaningful & happy existence. You must do what you need to get through this.
    Much respect to you.
    Big hugs ❤️


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