The little things are big things when they become the last things


Last year, I bought the girls Peep stuffies. Pink for Talia and yellow for Izzy. They came from CVS of all places and are of surprisingly high quality. The girls liked them but while Talia has a zillion stuffies, Izzy was starting to grow out of them. But she had this one on her bed for the last few months she was with us.

The night we came home from the hospital, I needed something to hold of hers. I found this guy and grabbed him and he’s been living on my bed ever since. I hug him because I can’t hug her, and, early on, I couldn’t leave the house without the yellow Peep. Talia understands the significance I’ve put on it too. Every night she comes to say goodnight to me and hugs the Peep saying, “Goodnight, Izzy. I love you!”

I no longer have to take the Peep on trips or anything, but it’s nice to have when the nights are hard and I didn’t even remember until a little bit ago that I got this last Easter. Easter isn’t a huge holiday for us, so it’s amazing to me that something so important to me came of something simple. And from CVS. 😬. Anyway I’m so glad to have it now. It’s the little things that help so much.

#easter #griefjourney #grievingparents

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